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(In my case I have a 3-Tier folder inside App_Code folder, you can directly add inside App_Code or you can create a separate project for DAL and add reference of this project into your BAL.) and copy-paste folowing code (Your can overwrite your default written code for the class file by pasting this code). Tab Container (Container to hold GV, Add, Edit) First Tab Panel ... Now think the Scenario when the number of fields are too much.Here, I have assumed that you will create the respective stored procedure yourself into the database or you may download attachment from using System; using System. In this case definitely the passing number of variable will not be good idea.Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer BAL contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed. Data Access Layer (DAL) DAL contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform required action, might be returning data or manipulating data (insert, update, delete etc). Connect me on | https://twitter.com/sheonarayan | Hi, Nice article; Well and simply explained.For this demo application, I have taken a very simple example. 1) Fix for the code block For the css 'pre', add new property 'min-width: 730px;' and add width nn percentage.I am assuming that I have to play with record of persons (First Name, Last Name, Age) and I will refer only these data through out this article. just to give you flexibility to not show scroll bar for long screens.For the ease of understanding, I have created BAL, DAL into the App_Code folder. pre 2) Can you post other similar article with Ajax? Because in practice we expect the delete to be performed with confirmation and also in details screen. Add new / Edit in 2 different tab panels - to have better usability. Regards, Sreedhar Thanks Vansree for your suggestions. Regarding pre class, I will let the webmaster know about it. As far as article on Ajax is concerned, I will try my best to post few articles on Ajax in coming days. Regards This is simpler example for 3-Tier Architecture.

[C#] Protected Sub gv Person_Row Command(sender As Object, e As Grid View Command Event Args) If e. Value) End If End Sub Una de las mejores técnicas usada para detectar que entidad se esta editando o seleccionado es por medio de id o código que esta tenga asignada, pero como logar hacerlo sin mostrar el identificador al usuario en una columna ?

Es muy importante remarcar que el Image Button deberá tener la propiedad Command Name=”Select” para que esta ejecute el evento Selected Index Changed A nivel de código de la pagina se encontrara la definición del evento Hay que aclarar que en este caso se uso un Image Button para corresponder con la acción del punto 1a, en donde se define una imagen, pero si se requiere de un link solo será cuestión de usar un Link Button, definiendo en este el Command Name=”Select”, es justamente el Command Name quien define que evento será lanzado al presionarse.

1c- Usando el evento Row Command Seguramente a estas alturas se preguntaran que cantidad de formas de hacer lo mismo, asi es, y para completarlo una opción extra.

1a- Definiendo un Command Field Iremos realizando los paso de forma visual así se comprende como proceder, remarcando luego como impacta esto en el html del grid El primer paso será editar las columnas del Grid View hasta visualizar el cuadro con las opciones de Command Field disponibles.

Para este caso en particular se agregara solo la opción de selección.

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